YYG DEVLOG – January 2020

Hello everyone!

I had the opportunity to write a blog on YoyoGames’s website. This post is about how I designed my pause menu. While it’s something that I did back in August last year, the blog just came around now. It’s pretty thorough and extensive with many animations explaining the process, so I hope you enjoy it! Read it here.


Alternatively, I also made a music video on one of the OST tracks – Full Square – since it’s going to be entered in a competition. Check it out!


I’ve made some small improvements to the game here and there, based on the feedback gathered from the con in September (see how it went here). I also made preliminary work on remaking the tutorial to have it be a fully fledged scripted walkthrough. Other than that, I’ve been kept very busy by college, so there isn’t much visible progress on the game since last time. Slowly but surely getting there though!

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